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Deeper Dives

Capex Innovation
Innovation techniques are not just for Marketing and New Product Development. Even mundane CapEx initiatives can yield fantastic results.

Great Strategy Deserves Great Execution
After investing so much into strategy development, don’t leave strategy execution to old instincts. There’s a better way…

Why Follow-up?
Letting go of accountability may seem like a strange suggestion, but more long-term value comes from learning and improvement.

From The Lab To The Whiteboard
We don’t leave medical breakthroughs on the shelf… so why would we be content with obsolete approaches to problem-solving?

When Solutions Are The Problem
Obvious solutions obstruct truly great solutions. The moment we think we ‘know’ the answer, innovation ebbs and bias invades.

The Triumph Of The Mediocre
Most corporate cultures have a paradox: we don’t want to waste capital, but big projects = big benefits. Where’s the reward for low-cost innovation?

Speaking and Workshops

Dave brings his innovation and decision insights to professional associations and conferences across North America. He delights in delivering actionable content in an entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking manner. Topics include:

Deal Yourself A Winning Hand
Provoking Superior Strategy Execution (For Senior Executives)

Know It When You See It
Governance Frameworks That Deliver Insight (For Board Members)

Elevating The Role Of Finance
Equipping Finance to Improve Strategy Execution (For CFOs)

Nailing Jello To The Wall
Getting a Grip on IT Decisions (For All Executives)

We also offer sessions that, while delivered in a lighter style, are still packed with keen insights for executive decision-makers:

Five Myths Of Strategy Execution
Turning Worst Practices Into Best Practices (For All Executives)

The Triumph Of The Mediocre
Exposing Gaps & Fostering Capital Excellence (For Senior Executives)

We would be honored to discuss the goals for your next event. Organizers will find Dave’s bio here. Contact us at 206-419-9656.