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I am all about equipping business teams to enjoy greater payoffs on their biggest bets. I bring a unique combination of evaluation expertise and behavioral insights developed over the course of more than 300 major strategic initiatives. Applying a highly effective, disciplined framework, teams unleash their full capabilities to generate better solutions, wring out hidden waste, and deliver superior returns. Specialties: Investment Evaluation, Decision Excellence, Strategic Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investor Relations, Leadership Development, Education & Training

Know Greatness When You See It?

Do you really think so? Continue reading

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Decision Overload

Better big decision by timing big decisions. Last year I finished a research project with CFOs. The goal was to identify the best practices for squeezing maximum impact out of capital budgets. One pronounced finding was a scathing indictment against … Continue reading

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The ROI of Follow-Up

Making time to review earlier proposals and decisions is hard… very hard.   But it’s still one of the best time investments a leader can make. When operating budgets are squeezed, we usually cut the training budget first.  It’s an … Continue reading

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Can Do!

Setting stretch goals only AFTER the decision is made Continue reading

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Two Moves Ahead

Anticipating Your Competitors’ Response Continue reading

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