Private Equity

Special Considerations For Private Equity

Managing relationships with portfolio companies is a complex challenge for private equity. When portfolio companies request capital for strategic initiatives, firms must guard their reputation as a reasonable partner who respects their operating management teams while simultaneously meeting their duty of due care to investors.

Verax provides a powerful framework for capital expenditures. It delivers the decision-critical insights to private equity managers without burdening operating managers with bureaucracy.

The Verax framework brings:

  • Financial Performance: Greater growth, increased profits and higher ROIs.
  • Strong Relationships: Clear and reasonable expectations for capital requests lowers tension for both the firm and the portfolio companies.

Dave brings a background uniquely suited to support private equity firms as they increase returns and nurture relationships:

  • Investor Perspective: He enjoyed several years of experience in private equity serving investors’ expectations for fiduciary due diligence.
  • Owner Perspective: Having grown up in a family manufacturing business, Dave understands the pride and pragmatism of owners.
  • Capital Deployment Expertise: Dave brings the experience of more than 250 major strategic initiatives across a variety of industries.
  • Bridge Builder: As an advisor to the CEOs and CFOs at a Fortune 100 company, Dave works across the gap between business units and senior executives.

In the end, the private equity managers receive a complete picture of the investment opportunity, the elimination of non-performing capital, and higher returns all while reinforcing their reputations as responsive business partners.

”You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit.”
– Harry S. Truman