Family Business Considerations

Success in a family business is rarely measured in dollars alone.

Harmonious family relationships, succession, estate planning and other values impact strategic decisions. These additional measures for success amplify the challenges of sustaining and growing the business.

In addition to enhanced growth, profits, and ROI, the Verax Point approach to capital expenditures and acquisitions brings additional value to family businesses:

  • Balancing Family Success: We weigh both financial and family values in evaluating options and clearly present all implications.
  • Independent Insight: Perceptions of fairness are critical in big decisions. As an expert, impartial valuator, Dave defuses doubts.

Dave brings a background uniquely suited to support family businesses as they increase returns and nurture relationships:

  • Family Perspective: Having grown up in a family manufacturing business, Dave knows the pride and pressures of a family enterprise.
  • Capital Deployment Expertise: Dave brings the experience of more than 250 major strategic initiatives across a variety of industries.
  • Bridge Builder: Dave has earned a strong reputation for developing trust and rapport in challenging situations.

In the end, owners and family members receive a complete picture of investment opportunities and success in both business and family goals.

”Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”
– William Bruce Cameron