Launching & Sustaining A Strategic Skills Initiative

TractionSummary: The overwhelming majority of CEOs and CFOs want the finance function to rise… rise beyond mere analytical support and become a full partner in strategy development and execution. Despite this lofty aspiration, very few finance teams are succeeding in this transformation. Progress is either intermittent or has yet to truly get underway. For a wide variety of reasons, CFOs feel stuck.

Applying the same business case disciplines we use for our other long-term investments can provide the critical traction. Armed with a clear vision of the prize and a roadmap for the journey, we can carve out the needed resources to launch a strategic skills initiative and see it through to successful completion.

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I am all about equipping business teams to enjoy greater payoffs on their biggest bets. I bring a unique combination of evaluation expertise and behavioral insights developed over the course of more than 300 major strategic initiatives. Applying a highly effective, disciplined framework, teams unleash their full capabilities to generate better solutions, wring out hidden waste, and deliver superior returns. Specialties: Investment Evaluation, Decision Excellence, Strategic Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investor Relations, Leadership Development, Education & Training
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