CapEx Innovation

Even the seemingly mundane work of replacing old equipment and systems is ripe for innovation.

The glamor of innovation seems reserved for the realms of the wildly creative types new product development. Capital expenditure projects, in contrast, seem mundane. After all, much of the capital budget goes to mere replacement of equipment and systems. And the rest? Well, the solution is usually obvious.  We assume there’s little opportunity for improvement.

However, with the right techniques, we can ignite a spirit of innovation that produces greater impact using less capital. What we now consider mundane becomes an opportunity to enhances growth, increases profit, and boosts ROI.

You can download a pdf of the full article here.

About Dave Wittenberg

I am all about equipping business teams to enjoy greater payoffs on their biggest bets. I bring a unique combination of evaluation expertise and behavioral insights developed over the course of more than 300 major strategic initiatives. Applying a highly effective, disciplined framework, teams unleash their full capabilities to generate better solutions, wring out hidden waste, and deliver superior returns. Specialties: Investment Evaluation, Decision Excellence, Strategic Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investor Relations, Leadership Development, Education & Training
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