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Great News: You have more capital than you think!

There is much fretting over capital budgets, with good reason. Whether cash is scarce or economic uncertainly demands hoarding cash, the capital budget is too small. Then again, the capital budget is always too small; our ideas always outstrip the funds available.

Whatever our current situation, whether meager capital or a mountain of cash, we have many tools and techniques to stretch that budget… to maximize our capital’s impact.

That’s the CapEx Compass Mission:  Maximum Impact of Every Dollar.

About Dave Wittenberg

I am all about equipping business teams to enjoy greater payoffs on their biggest bets. I bring a unique combination of evaluation expertise and behavioral insights developed over the course of more than 300 major strategic initiatives. Applying a highly effective, disciplined framework, teams unleash their full capabilities to generate better solutions, wring out hidden waste, and deliver superior returns. Specialties: Investment Evaluation, Decision Excellence, Strategic Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investor Relations, Leadership Development, Education & Training
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